Tooth Extraction

Do you have a painful tooth that has been bothering you or causing discomfort? Have you exhausted all other options in repairing it or alleviating the pain? It may be time to consider a tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction Process

Unfortunately, sometimes the damage on a tooth is too extensive and the tooth can not be saved or restored. we perform extractions for teeth that are beyond repair. It is our priority to ensure that our patients remain as comfortable as possible during extractions, and we will take every measure to make the process pain-free.

We understand that a tooth extraction may not sound ideal, but in some cases it is necessary in order to avoid infection in the damaged tooth. If you believe you have a tooth that may need to be extracted, please make an appointment and we will assess your tooth to determine if it needs to be removed.

Should we determine that your tooth does need to be extracted, we can perform most extractions in our office. Generally speaking, extractions are relatively pain free and typically only cause pressure around the tooth that is being removed. Once pressure is placed on the tooth, the tooth will release from it’s socket and it will be removed.

Are you ready to feel pain-free again? Give us a call today !