Tooth Colored Fillings

Do you have cavities? Do you worry that filling them will cause your smile to look different? It doesn’t have to! When it comes to keeping your smile consistent, tooth colored fillings are a great option.

For years, silver and gold were the only choices for filling material. However, advances in dental materials over the years have created new options for restoring your damaged and decayed teeth. Now tooth-colored fillings, crafted to appear the same color as teeth, will help you look your best.

Tooth-colored filings may be created with either porcelain or composite resin, which is a plastic-like substance. Unlike gold or silver fillings, tooth-colored fillings are customized for each patient to match their teeth, specifically. We recognize that no two patients’ teeth are alike, which is why we will carefully match the chosen material to your natural teeth, so the restoration will blend in well.

No matter which material you choose, porcelain or composite resin, it will bond securely to your tooth so that your restoration is extremely strong and durable. In addition, because this type of filling is bonded in, we can be more conservative when we prepare your tooth for the filling, so that you retain more of your natural, healthy tooth structure.

When you have a cavity, it is imperative to have it corrected to prevent further damage to your teeth. Now, gone are the days of worrying about how your filling will look when you smile, with tooth-colored fillings, it will blend in seamlessly. Dr. Adam Smooke will help you look your very best.